Sunday, 31 October 2010

I've still not got into the hang of updating this regularly. I really want to, but I just keep forgetting.

Well, a few things have changed since my last post. I am now the acting Director of Music at Bury Parish Church for the forseeable future, due to the new lad only lasting 2 weeks before getting fired. They have agreed to pay me monthly though, which is something I won't turn down! I'm quite looking forward to what will happen, I'm in the process of getting the music list together for Christmas, which is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

I've still not found anywhere to live yet. Well, I have, but I have a couple more houses to look at, and then I will have to make a decision. I'm hoping that my current landlord won't mind that I'm only giving them 3 weeks notice, but as it will be the end of my contract, I don't care that much, I just want to move out and settle into somewhere else before Christmas.

Still no movement on my tattoo either. I still want the cross, but I'm not sure how to edit it in Gimp. I might just take the photo of the cross to a tattooist and see what they can do. I was looking at a tattooists website today of someone called Tanane Whitfield in America, and I have to say, I love his style and technique. It's such a shame he's in America though, as I'd love him to come up with a design for my 'thekickingmule' logo (similar to the one I use on here) and put his own touch on it. Check out his website here:

Anywho, I shall run off to church in a bit for some practise. If anybody does read this by the way, leave a comment, I'm curious who it is reading about my life.

Take care