Saturday, 22 August 2009

Well, I decided that I would stay in Leeds for the weekend, so that I can get stuff done.

Choir was good last night. I should explain, I sing in a church choir in Bury, that I joined when I was 7 (coming up to 20 years ago now!). I sing bass in the choir, and also occasionally play the organ there. I suppose in a sense I am 'third in command' as there is the Choir Master (we're awaiting the arrival of a new man, David Scott-Thomas, who takes over from Nick (my friend I stayed with last week) at the beginning of September), Assistant Organist (John Ellis - been with us for about a month or so now, still learning the ropes but an amazing organist) and then there's me. I get labelled the 'Organ Scholar' but that doesn't actually mean anything.
Well last night, John was the only one there that could take the practise, but I don't think he is very confident with it yet, so I took over and did the rehearsal. It was good, I have done a few before, but usually it's just me, conducting and playing and getting things right. It made a huge difference having John there to play whilst I dealt with the rest. I felt quite confident and wish in a way that we had done some anthems that were a bit more difficult as I was getting into it. I'm sure this opportunity will arise again.
We then went to the pub where David Scott-Thomas joined us, and we had a good chat between us all. It was a nice relaxed evening. I have a photo somewhere of the choir, i'll see if I can add it.

Anywho, today is Saturday, and my plan is to tidy up the house as much as possible, and then I am taking my bike frame to Woodrup Cycles to get my headset fitted. Can't wait, as this means I can start building up my new bike. hopefully it'll be up and running by next week.

Take care

Friday, 21 August 2009

Not written anything in a week, so figured I'd catch up again.
Well, Last weekend was amazing. I went and visited my friends Nick and Becky Castell. They got married at the end of July this year, and have been living in their new house in Essex together since they returned from their Mini-Moon (They went to Devon and Cornwall for a week, and are going abroad to Africa for their full Honey-Moon later in the year). I had a few boxes and other things that were theirs, plus a Japanese Acer tree, a present that someone had for them, and their pet parrot, Ronnie. I took them all down and stayed with them for a few days to help them decorate their new house.
When I got down there, I was then whisked off to Eastbourne for the night! Didn't expect this, but turned out that on Sunday, Nick, Becky, me and the rest of Nicks family went out in a yacht (part owned by Nicks Dad) to watch the Airbourne Display from the sea! It was brilliant, and the weather was amazing.
We then went back to Essex, and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I helped them decorate their living room. They've got it finished now and apparently it looks briliant. I returned to work yesterday, and, as you can probably imagine, just want to leave again.
I went out on another bike ride last night. Nothing too strenuous, about 20 miles around Leeds and surrounding areas. Was a bit of a nightmare before setting off though as I had a flat tyre that I had to change, but it turns out that my pump doesn't have the bit that I need to change it from a Schraeder vavle to a Presta valve. This wound me up a bit, so I was a little stressed to say the least, however I had a brilliant time and felt great when I got home.

Anyway, today is Friday, tonight I am off to choir practise (have I mentioned this yet? I will at some point in more detail I imagine) where I get to meet Harriet who I've not seen for a couple of weeks. Should be good. I'm still in two minds as to whether I should stay in Bury for the weekend or not. I really shouldn't as I have so much to do at the house in Leeds... hmmm

I shall leave it there for today, it's been a bit of an epic post.

Take care

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Quiet day

Well, today has been a quiet one, but it's going to get a bit more exciting in 20 minutes. I finish work at 4, and then am cycling home, getting changed, and then shooting off to the train station to go for a long ride around Hebden Bridge.
I do like my cycling, I'm not very good if I'm honest. The guys I go out with all fly up the hills, and fly down them even quicker, I plod my way along. The reason I go riding with them is that I love cycling, always have and probably always will. I stopped cycling when I was about 16, and have started again age about 24. I have a lot of catching up to do.
I've entered myself into the Isle of Man End2End challenge on the 12th September, it's about 50 miles give or take a few (I think give is more likely though :os) so I need to do as much training as possible before then. Did 30 miles the other night, probably do around 20 or so tonight, I think i'll get there eventually.
Anywho, I should dash off.
Take care

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

First blog ever...

So, I figured that I wanted to start writing about my life. Not entirely sure other people will want to read it, then again, I don't think it matters whether they do or not. If I can get things off my chest, then this will be a big help.

So, today has been a rather boring day. Just normal work, home, tidy house quite a bit. I'm meant to have been getting stuff ready for the long weekend ahead of me, as I'm visiting my friends that just got married and moved to Essex. I have a lot of their stuff from their old flat (which I'm sure I will mention in the future!). I also need to get ready for tomorrow evening as I'm going on a bike ride around Hebdon Bridge (I'll talk about that more in the future too).

Anywho, i'm going to leave it there for today. Family Guy is on in the background, and I can't help but turn round to watch it haha.

Take care