Friday, 25 January 2013

My 'Welcome 2013' Post

Well once again, it's been a while since I last posted, and my how things have changed!

I'm now a Red belt at Judo, and on my way for my Yellow belt hopefully. Absolutely loving it, made some friends and I think I'm getting a little fitter.
Also, I'm moving house! My housemate has bought a house, meaning we're all off separate ways. I'm currently looking in Huddersfield for places there as it's nearer Bury, and not too far from Leeds. This also means I'm more likely to get my motorbike license, as commuting into Leeds by bike is by far the easiest way to commute.
Lastly, I finally got the balls to ask my friend, Elin out for a drink (even though she has a boyfriend). She was very polite and turned me down, saying the James was the one for her. She was flattered though, and we are still friends, so no harm was done. I'm gutted though, I still like her, as she just seems the perfect person for me (very similar taste in everything we do!). Never mind, a new year, a new idea.

Once I've moved house I am starting my '5 year plan'. I hope to pay off most of my debts soon, and save up for a house. I have to do it, as I need to be thinking about the long term future, and I'm just not happy renting houses when I could have my own house for less money. It WILL all fall into place. It has to.

Anyway, I have to go for a meeting now, so I'll shoot off, but hopefully update in the near future.