Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Well, as usual, it's been a while since I last posted anything about my life, so I figure today I should (I have 30 minutes to kill before a meeting with my boss, so I can't really start anything constructively here).
So, Christmas and New Years have been and gone. They were.... eventful. Gran died on Boxing Day (As sad as this is, I'm glad it's happened, and that she died peacefully in her sleep. At age 94, and not even recognising her own sons or daughter, or even her own name, her time was definitely up. Also, it takes a lot of weight off my Mum's shoulders.) and we buried her in the New Year. I didn't do anythin on New Years Eve, I'm not a massive fan of makin a big deal out of it really so wasn't too bothered.
Dad got admitted to hospital for 3/4 weeks a few days after Gran's funeral, he fell in the shower onto his back and broke 4 ribs. Poor bloke suffers from COPD, so he struggles to breathe at the best of times, so he was in agony and couldn't move. Anyway, after a day in hospital, he developed something called Massive Subcutaneous Emphysema. Basically, air was escaping from somewhere in the lung/wind pipe and getting under the skin, so he quickly inflated. We all got called to the hospital on the Sunday evening, as doctors were worried about how his throat was closing up, and couldn't promise us that he'd be ok. Dad was fine though, he didn't even know it was that serious and was having a nice joke about things. He couldn't feel the air at all, well, he could when he touched his skin, but he wasn't in pain from it. The doctor put a camera thing down his nose/throat, and said it was looking better in there. Dad asked me if I'd looked, and then (typically) said I should have asked haha No thanks Dad.
Anyway, he's home now, but has to have a canister of oxygen as getting up and down stairs is a chore for him. It's the mornings that he's at his worst. Hopefully he'll get a little better over time, as his ribs heal. I keep thinking of suggesting to Mum that they try and find a little bungalow to move to, but, I don't think they can afford to and don't know how they'd take it. Mum needs to get rid of a lot of her old teaching crap first lol

Anywho, that's me done for today. I think that I'll try and post up some point later this week maybe explaining about what I've been up to recently. Not that it's much, but I suppose I should mention me.

In a bit, y'all!