Friday, 29 June 2012

Seems to be an annual posting..

Well, it's been over a year since my last post!
Update: Dad's ribs have healed, he's a lot better now, though has his bad days. He's been in hospital a couple of times, but usually out the next day. I think it's taking its tole on my Mum though, as she's beginning to think that Dad is losing his mind, like my Gran did. I hope he isn't, but I don't want her stressing over it as I feel she will go the same way.

Anywho, the last year has been interesting. I got put in charge of choir again as Matthew left (if I haven't updated as to who he is, well, never mind). Then Marc started so I was back to singing Bass. However, he left in May, so it's me in charge again. Don't know how long for, but it could be a few more weeks.
I do like being in charge of the choir, I would happily do it full time, however I'm always put in charge at the worst moments. Summer is terrible as everyone goes on holiday, so I'm left with a dilapidated choir that sounds half as good as normal, and I feel that people blame me for it.
Anyway, they're paying me a proper wage now, so this is helping out financially. Hopefully I can clear some debts, and start getting some tattoos!

About tattoos. I really want some. I have quite a few ideas now, including anchors, navigational stars or compass, tribal, japanese dragon and I still want my custom 'thekickingmule' on my right leg. If anyone can draw, please, please get in touch! I've found some really good artists as well, so I don't think it will be long now.

Anywho, I've written a bit of an essay here, so I think I'll leave it there and hope to update relatively recently. There's a lot to talk about, my job, my car, my lovelife (the family-show version ;) )... we shall see.