Monday, 23 August 2010

I haven't been on here for a while (again!) So I think I will update my life a little.

I've moved house, I now live in a little cottage up in Pudsey. I really like it, but it has no central heating, so we will have to wait until the winter to see what it's really like. I've been on a couple of runs around the local area, I've found a nice 4 mile loop, which I plan to run every Tuesday at least for now.

Also, I got a new car. Not through choice really, my Punto died spectacularly from it's MOT. They told me it would cost about £700 to pass it, then another £700 advisory work, and they couldn't guarantee it would pass again in 12 months. So, with many thanks to Bank of Gran, I now have a nice Vauxhall Astra :)

Recently I met a girl!!! We've had one date so far, which went really well, and she wants to meet up again. We're going to go to a Go Ape! near where she lives. I hope this goes well, she's really nice, very pretty and I like her quite a lot. I won't get my hopes up though, it seems to be going to well, so I will just enjoy it as it happens.

Work has all changed too. Dan, my colleague, is leaving. He's got a job at a reputable company, where he's going to be travelling the world and doing stuff he's been wanting to do for years. This means that I'm going to get a new job description, and Dan's replacement will be my bitch er I mean, I'll be their boss ;) Everything's changing, I'm going to be going on training for VLE systems, so, the main crux of all this is - more money! Hopefully it might be a bit of a more exciting role too, which is always a good thing.

Anywho, that's roughly what I've been doing recently. I'll try, once again, to keep this up to date a bit more. I see some people have read my blogs, interesting. Feel free to comment, even if you think I'm a weirdo haha

Take it easy

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