Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Great sounding band...

Well, this isn't normal for my type of blog, but I'm going to throw 2 other bloggs out there today.
First off is my good friend Paul Marshall, who has written a good article about what he considers a 'Great' album currently out/released in the last 10 years. He talks about a band called Duels, which I've listened to their MySpace page and have to say, it sounds amazing. It had me tapping the foot under the table whilst getting on with some work.
Anyway, have a read of it. Also check out his band, Lone Wolf, hopefully you'll hear 2 new bands that you can get into and support. Tell your friends, tell the world!

The second one is of a tattooist that I've just 'discovered' who lives in America. He's called Tanane Whitfield, and he produces what I personally think are some of the most amazing tattoos I've seen! Apparently he's only been tattooing for the last 2 years! He has a style which I just love, and I have been in touch with him to ask if he comes over to the UK at all. He responded, quite quickly, saying that he will be over next year for Tattoo Jam. I'm hoping that I can get a session with him. I want a tattoo of a Kicking Mule, one of his quirky/comedy type ones, on my right leg (Side of calf) as I think it would be amazing.
Anyway, check out some of the artwork on his blog, and also his website, but hands off, I want to be first in line! ;o)

Take care

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