Saturday, 6 November 2010

Well, today I have been helping my lovely friend Harrietty with directions around Londonia. She has been queueing for the last few hours waiting to watch the program X-Factor (Nobody's perfect!), and first off they wanted to buy something to sit on. I looked for camping shops, Tescos, Argos's but to no avail. They then heard that there was an IKEA nearby, so I directed them to that.
They bought some cushions.
I've now just given her the directions to the hotel she's staying at. I hope they get there ok.

This afternoon I went to help my friend Jason move a carpet out of his new flat, but he wasn't there. Turns out he'd locked his car keys in the car, and as he lives miles away in Staleybridge area, someone had to take him home to get the spare set. He did manage to block in about 6 cars in the meantime though. Nice one, Jason! haha

I've decided to give up on looking for a house to rent for now. I really can't be bothered as I have far too much to be getting on with. Plus, if I moved out now, I'd be moving out on the 27th December, which would be lame with a capital L.
Can someone lend me £5k so I can buy my own place? Thanks.

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