Friday, 2 October 2009

Feeling better...

Well, today I feel better. I was in a real down mood yesterday. Today I still don't feel bright and chirpy, but I'm not as down as the other day.
Work is being amusing again. Brand new microphone cradle was brought back broken. Typical, and we'll probably get the blame.

I've still been contemplating what I want to do in the future. I don't think I can continue my commitment to the choir I'm in for much longer as it is ruining my weekends travelling over to Lancashire and back again every Friday night for rehearals and then Sundays for the services. I need to meet new people (hoepfully, a single, pretty female ;o) ) and actually relax over the weekend, however I find that come Monday morning I never feel like I've actually rested and done stuff for myself. Plus, petrol is gettin expensive sowly again...

Think I may take a few more weekends off choir, that may give me a clearer mind as to what to do.

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