Saturday, 25 August 2012

Getting Fitter

I think I must have banged my head a few weeks ago, or maybe it's because of the Olympics (though it's been going on since before they started), but I really want to get fit again.

As I said last time, I'm starting my Judo lessons in a couple of weeks which should really improve my fitness. I've also started swimming again, something I haven't done since I was about 16 and went with a couple of friends to have fun at the weekends.

My friend is competing in loads of 10k runs, trying to do 10 of them in the year raising money for charity. She was talking to my minion, Beth, about one coming up in November that they are both entering, and it got me thinking, 'maybe I should try entering a run'. I've tried getting back into running too, but it's a bit more difficult than I'd thought. I'll try going out again at some point this week. This all got me thinking though, if I can get back into running and swimming, and I already do the cycling..... maybe I should enter a Triathlon!

So, my plan now is to try and enter the Abbey Dash in November, to see how I get on with that, and try and go swimming every weekend (I would try going more, however I don't think there's any swimming pools open to the public in Leeds, they're all private gyms that I know of).

I think I'm trying to improve my fitness more so that it gets me out of the house more. I seem to find that every day now I'm going to work, coming home and just watching TV. Then at weekends, I pretty much stay in, or just walk aimlessly around town. Seems to make much more sense getting fit than getting bored. Plus, I know I'll enjoy it once I get into it!

Anywho, I'll try and keep posting about how I get on with running, cycling, swimming and


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