Friday, 17 August 2012

Summertime Mayhem

August is always a funny time at work. I say funny, but I mean stressful.

When I was a student, I always thought of the summer months as being quiet, relaxing and fun times. I never really appreciated what went on at the universities around the country. Whilst the students are away, people are busy beavering about the place, fixing things, building things, cleaning things and buying new things. All so that it's nice and shiny for the return of the people paying our wages.

We've got a lot on this summer, but it's nothing compared to last year. I have a 'nice' amount of work, where I'm busy, but I'm not busting a gut. I have a feeling that it's going to get worse though if I'm honest. We shall see.

Quick updates: Mum got better and has been home a few weeks. My car failed it's MOT and cost me a further £500 but not for the faults that Vauxhall mentioned. Choir is going ok, though due to lack of numbers, I've decided that I'll pick nice, simple pieces that don't need a lot of practise (or people) to sing well. This means I can cancel the practises for today and next Friday, and go to the pub. Awesome.

Tattoo's have taken a back burner for a while, whilst I am working hard. I pretty much get home and flake out. I'm quite set on an anchor now, and I may try getting something organised for the next month or something.

I went cycling up in Scotland a few weeks ago and it was awesome, I had a really good time. I did, however, fall off. At least twice. The first time, I managed to jarr my wrist, meaning I could barely move it. But, unditerred (I know I've spelt that wrong, but meh), I carried on. Then later I managed to fall off again onto some wet, slippy wood and slid down it. That left a beautiful bruise on my entire arm (the other arm that I fell on earlier) and thigh. The bruising has just about gone, but it's still swelled up a little.

Lastly, I've just signed up to a Judo Beginners Course in Pudsey near Leeds. I'm quite excited about this as i think it will be really good for me fitness wise and it's a new hobby! I used to do Judo when I was about 7, but I stopped when we got a new Sensai who wanted us to perfect a certain move that is considered the beginners move. When you're 7/8 and been there a year, you want to learn a few new things, so needless to say, i got bored and left. I'm really looking forward to this though, so will keep you posted on how I do.

Sorry I've waffled and that it probably isn't that interesting, but you've probably just been updated on more of my personal life than a lot of my friends know (or care) about.

Take care :o)

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