Thursday, 13 August 2009

Quiet day

Well, today has been a quiet one, but it's going to get a bit more exciting in 20 minutes. I finish work at 4, and then am cycling home, getting changed, and then shooting off to the train station to go for a long ride around Hebden Bridge.
I do like my cycling, I'm not very good if I'm honest. The guys I go out with all fly up the hills, and fly down them even quicker, I plod my way along. The reason I go riding with them is that I love cycling, always have and probably always will. I stopped cycling when I was about 16, and have started again age about 24. I have a lot of catching up to do.
I've entered myself into the Isle of Man End2End challenge on the 12th September, it's about 50 miles give or take a few (I think give is more likely though :os) so I need to do as much training as possible before then. Did 30 miles the other night, probably do around 20 or so tonight, I think i'll get there eventually.
Anywho, I should dash off.
Take care

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