Wednesday, 12 August 2009

First blog ever...

So, I figured that I wanted to start writing about my life. Not entirely sure other people will want to read it, then again, I don't think it matters whether they do or not. If I can get things off my chest, then this will be a big help.

So, today has been a rather boring day. Just normal work, home, tidy house quite a bit. I'm meant to have been getting stuff ready for the long weekend ahead of me, as I'm visiting my friends that just got married and moved to Essex. I have a lot of their stuff from their old flat (which I'm sure I will mention in the future!). I also need to get ready for tomorrow evening as I'm going on a bike ride around Hebdon Bridge (I'll talk about that more in the future too).

Anywho, i'm going to leave it there for today. Family Guy is on in the background, and I can't help but turn round to watch it haha.

Take care

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