Saturday, 22 August 2009

Well, I decided that I would stay in Leeds for the weekend, so that I can get stuff done.

Choir was good last night. I should explain, I sing in a church choir in Bury, that I joined when I was 7 (coming up to 20 years ago now!). I sing bass in the choir, and also occasionally play the organ there. I suppose in a sense I am 'third in command' as there is the Choir Master (we're awaiting the arrival of a new man, David Scott-Thomas, who takes over from Nick (my friend I stayed with last week) at the beginning of September), Assistant Organist (John Ellis - been with us for about a month or so now, still learning the ropes but an amazing organist) and then there's me. I get labelled the 'Organ Scholar' but that doesn't actually mean anything.
Well last night, John was the only one there that could take the practise, but I don't think he is very confident with it yet, so I took over and did the rehearsal. It was good, I have done a few before, but usually it's just me, conducting and playing and getting things right. It made a huge difference having John there to play whilst I dealt with the rest. I felt quite confident and wish in a way that we had done some anthems that were a bit more difficult as I was getting into it. I'm sure this opportunity will arise again.
We then went to the pub where David Scott-Thomas joined us, and we had a good chat between us all. It was a nice relaxed evening. I have a photo somewhere of the choir, i'll see if I can add it.

Anywho, today is Saturday, and my plan is to tidy up the house as much as possible, and then I am taking my bike frame to Woodrup Cycles to get my headset fitted. Can't wait, as this means I can start building up my new bike. hopefully it'll be up and running by next week.

Take care

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